Benefits of Massage &

Other Tips for Detoxing Naturally

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Benefits of Massage and Other Tips for Detoxing Naturally

Believe it or not, to detox, you don’t have to cleanse by drinking smoothies, juicing, or starving your body.  Massage is a fabulous way to detox regularly and naturally. Massage is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and kick start your body’s detoxification process while boosting your immune system.

How it works:

Massage releases the lymph fluid (fluid that contains toxins all over our bodies).  Have you ever received a massage and felt sick days later?  That is likely due to the release of built-up toxins that needed to be released through your drainage ducts.

Massaging the tissues also releases oxygen and boosts the circulation throughout the lymphatic system.  By stimulating this system (that system most closely related to moving toxins), you’ll be helping your body to naturally eliminate toxins.

Why you need to detox:

Lack of exercise, not eating enough fiber, eating an excess of fatty foods, and drinking alcohol as well as toxins for our everyday exposures and environment take a toll on the lymphatic system causing disease, inflammation, slowing of metabolism, and other adverse health effects.

Due to these factors, you may feel sluggish and be more prone to catching viruses. Many massage therapists recommend at least a monthly massage to stay on top of the toxin removal process.

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For more massage benefits, read this article from the Mayo Clinic.

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