Five Nontoxic Resolutions for 2019

Begin your nontoxic journey.

Five Nontoxic Resolutions for 2019

# 1 – Five Defense Essential Oil

Be proactive with diffusing/applying Pure Haven five defense essential oil blend daily (not for use on children under age six). Use with caution for kids ages six – ten. A 15th-century tale tells of thieves who robbed victims of the highly contagious Black Plague, but never fell ill themselves. They were protected with a balm made of aromatics. And, in exchange for this life-saving recipe, they received lighter sentences for their crimes. The five key ingredients are clove bud, cinnamon leaf, rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus, exactly what is in the five defense essential oil blend.

#2 – Sleep

Get extra sleep! There are few things significant to your life as sleep. Studies show most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep. Get into bed 30 minutes early, Practice breathing. A few minutes of reading or some sleepy oil may help. A good 10-minute stretch before bed will also help with better quality sleep.

#3 – Exercise

Keep moving your body. Exercise is crucial to moving your energy, clearing your mind, and helping your body feel great. Create exercise goals that are realistic to where you are now. Make them manageable. . Select activities YOU enjoy. A walk outdoors, a video at home, gentle yoga, or anything that keeps your body moving.

#4 – Meditate

Meditate to come back to yourself and feel grounded. There are some great FREE guided meditations online. If you are intimidated by meditation, start with a one-minute meditation. Here’s a great one!

#5 – Immune-boosting spices

Cook with immune-boosting spices. Some of these spices include cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, ginger, fennel, coriander, cayenne pepper, and licorice.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    Yes to #4! Meditation is key! And I love Headspace, great app to try. For apps, I also recommend Insight Timer, 10% Happier, One Giant Mind and Smiling Mind (which is great for kids).


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